DOMESDAY (Continued)

Map 3

Part Ten

MAP 3 shows the geographical spread of the study manors with each manor given a value at the time of the invasion. This value is then marked according to a band of values expressed as a percentage of the pre-invasion value.

There are five bands that I have drawn up to provide the reader with an easily understandable visual interpretation of the data. These five value bands are:

1)WASTED - Where there is no value - RED

2) Where the value is up to 35% of the pre-invasion value Pink

3) Where the value is 36% to 50% of the previous value Yellow

4) Where the value is 51% to 65% - Pale Yellow

5) There the value is 66% to 80% - Pale Green

6) Where the value is 81% to 100% - DARK GREEN


A table of values is provided giving the information upon which this diagram is based.(59) I apologise for the low quality print on this image due to a bug in Word which failed to allow me to recover the original embedded document. Higher quality prints are included in the bound copies, available from the author as detailed at the front of this document.

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